Interview mit Viainvest

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1.     Why does Viainvest request a tax/residence certificate from German (foreign) investors once a year, while none of your competitors does this?


     Requirements regarding Tax/Residence Certificates may seem uncomfortable, but it is another safety measure VIAINVEST has implemented to ensure that both investors and loan originators are legally and financially protected according to the legislation of Latvia, where VIAINVEST is headquartered, and our loan originator countries (Spain, Latvia, Czech Republic and Poland).

     Unfortunately, we cannot speak about other platforms and their taxation           policy, but we are trying to make taxation procedure as transparent as               possible, by providing references to all corresponding legislative acts and           indicating to which country's government does paid taxes are transferred.

     As the government of Latvia is already working on issuing legislative act             regulating P2P platforms in particular, tax issues will definitely be another         subject of it. We are trying to be one step ahead and prepare our investors       to procedures that may be implemented in the nearest future.


2.      Why does WHT apply on Polish loan projects, while it doesn’t on loan projects from other countries and no other platform reduces payments by the WHT from polish loans?


As indicated in our FAQs, Polish-German taxation procedure is considered a special case where investors cannot be exempted from paying taxes on the platform even if they have provided a Tax Certificate. If an investor has provided a Tax Certificate, his/her income is taxed according to minimized rate interest rate of 5% (instead of 20%). This procedure is enforced by the tax treaty between Poland and Germany (tax treaty document can be found here:


3.      Many investors (including me) are not happy with the availability of loan projects. If you exclude polish loans (due to the WHT and only 10% interest) and Spanish loans (only 10% interest) it is hard to find a sufficient number of projects on Viainvest. Are there any plans to enlarge the availability of projects without reducing the potential safety of the loans?

Yes, we are in fact planning to expand our loan originator list, by adding loans from Romania and Sweden in the next months. This will raise the available loan amount for investments significantly.


4.      Why have you lowered the interest rate for Spanish loans?

The decision to lower interest rates for Spanish loans was carried out by our Board of Management and is based on business interest and future platform development plans.


5.      Why does the platform show loans which are already funded below the minimum investment value of 10 Euro, if it is not possible to invest in these fragments below 10 Euro anyway?

This is a minor shortage arising from incomplete search filters, but we are working to update them, and make investing more convenient as soon as possible!


6.      How will Viainvest ensure the buyback guarantee, if a big number of borrowers does not pay back their loans? At which percentage of non-performing loans it won’t be possible to keep the buyback guarantee running and what is the current rate of non-performing loans at Viainvest? For me this can’t be a guarantee – why do you call a guarantee?


All the loans in our platform are provided by our mother company VIA SMS Group, which takes full responsibility of our investors assets, and guarantees their payback. The event of a too big “non-performing” loan amount is highly unlikely though, because VIA SMS Group takes creditworthiness evaluation process very seriously and has developed highly effective credit scoring algorithms.

Currently the amount of non-performing loans across all VIA SMS Group's portfolio (including countries that are not listed on VIAINVEST) is 6,5%. It is relatively low percent and cannot endanger our investors.


      7.  There are many P2P-Platforms. Why should investors prefer Viainvest for           their investments?


   Our biggest advantage is that we only list loans that are issued by our                 mother company - VIA SMS Group, so we are aware of all potential risks

   and have all information that may be relevant to our investors. VIAINVEST         offers a   unique loan portfolio that is not common on any of existing                   platforms and we   care about our investors a lot, so we are striving to

   ensure pleasant investing experience.