Why should people prefer DoFinance among other platforms?

DoFinance stands for Finance for human, aiming to become the most user-friendly, secure and accessible P2P lending marketplace possible. We believe everybody should have a chance to become his or her own financial director.


According to the clients’ feedback, they prefer easy and quick investment process at DoFinance. Here becoming an investor is a matter of few minutes – one can register and the investment will start earning in less than a day. DoFinance offers 3 easy Auto invest options where investors should choose preferred annual interest rate, investment term and amount. And that’s all!  


The three main advantages:

1.       Potential risks associated with the investment process at DoFinance are brought to minimum, and all loans are secured with an Instant BuyBack guarantee. What’s different from other P2P platforms in the market – if the borrower doesn’t pay back the loan, you don’t have to wait for an extra 30 days (after the investment due date) to get your funds back, the money is available right away.

2.       Investors have access to money on guaranteed terms. You can cancel any of auto investment programs, withdraw the invested funds before the due date and with guarantee receive the money from 14 to 28 days after the request with (or without) accumulated interest, depending on the chosen investment plan.

3.       The invested money is constantly earning; it never sits still. Our Auto Invest program reinvests money the moment borrower returns the loan and the investor’s funds become available therefore if investor chooses investment program with 12% annual interest rate, system ensures that funds are in continuous circulation.


DoFinance in numbers (for September)

New loans on the platform: + 1.60 milj EUR. In total 25 milj EUR issued in loans.

New investors: + 240. Total number of investors is more than 2000.

Average interest rate: 10.59%

Instant Buyback Guarantee: 100%


Latest improvements on DoFinance platform

Improved and more secure Investor verification process (updated with investor email address verification)

Updated daily / weekly / monthly performance reports


Improved and updated with additional info Products section 


- Statement from DoFinance as of 16.10.2017 -